Since founded in 1999 BBN Inc., (Beyond Broadband Networks Inc.,) is a technology leading in RF, WLAN Solutions, Optoelectronics and Fiber optic system equipments;  BBN  has served  as  well  as  in  Telecommunication, CATV  system and  FTTH  service  networks  with  extremely  tailor-made performance products and  innovative  equipment  to  bring  great  benefit  for every business partner.


   ISO 9001  approved  for  achieved  manufacture of electro-optic products, related video transmission and high speed data communications, BBN is a premier  supplier  of  state-of-the-art  fiber-optic systems  and  components. Expertise team force has proven our favorable performance and highly reliability in global marketing.


Fiber optics transmission networks equipments and components
RF and W/LAN communication device and modules
Vacuum equipments and components

Opto-electronic integration & design
Software design and firmware integrate
Cost down & rapid production ramp up